Thursday, July 16, 2009

KiptonART's Featured Gallery, Heist

The front of Heist Gallery on an exhibition opening night

KiptonART is taking the opportunity to showcase some of our favorite emerging talents in the gallery world. Take a moment and engage yourself with Talia Eisenberg, owner and director of Heist Gallery, 27 Essex St. New York, New York. Eisenberg answers some of our pressing questions we ask every gallery owner.

Why did you decide to open a gallery?
I always knew I would have a gallery some day. My European grandmother opened her own in Nebraska back in the early 60’s. Growing up she exposed my little brother and I to the world of art. It was always an important part of our travels to go to a museum and the cultural events of whatever city we were in. I would help her sell art in her gallery at a young age. It just seems natural to have a gallery especially since she passed away a few months ago and it is a true testament to her life’s work. I am proud to honor this wonderful person in this way.

What was the inspiration for the name?

The name Heist gallery was an idea I had over a year ago before I even had the space to start a gallery. I was on a flight back from Hong Kong and this women I was sitting next to turned out to be an accomplished painter. She showed me small canvases that she had in her tote bag. I wanted to buy them from her but she already promised them to her children. I told her that when she fell asleep I was going to steal the works of art.
Again, my inspiration for my gallery--my grandmother and I came up with that idea one time at a Gustav Klimt show in Vienna. We said that the work was so beautiful yet unattainable as it was in a private collection, we decided we might have to actually steal it. The gallery’s name comes from that feeling one should get in their soul that moves them and makes them feel alive while inspiring them. That’s where Heist comes from.

What have you found to be the most difficult aspect of running a gallery in New York City?

The most difficult part of running a gallery in NYC is FILTERING through all the fantastic art that comes across my desk each day and deciding which I want to promote and display. There is so much talent here! Thank god the gallery world revolves around wine, it helps take the edge off a bit. Read more of Talia Eisenberg's answers to our questions here

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