Saturday, July 4, 2009

KiptonART's Featured Artist: Naho Kubota

Naho Kubota
is KiptonART's current featured artist. Hear from the Kubota as she answers our favorite five questions, and gives us insight on one of her projects, "Minimum Structure".

"The project "Minimum Structure" started three years ago as a photo collection of strangely appealing machinery parts and landscapes. My interest lies not in the functionality of these structures, but rather in the structures themselves. With a little exploration, we ca always find a hint of nonsensical abstraction hiding in our everyday life. Excluding the subjects from their original purpose creates an image that is imaginatively isolated from reality."

Who/What is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?

I recently went to Mass MOCA and saw the Sol LeWitt exhibition. Of course I love her work, but the space there was incredible and matches with her work perfectly!! I got really big inspiration from the show.

What is the first thing that comes to mind after an opening?
My next show.

Why did you choose this medium?
I used to paint and draw a lot. Photography came up when I was looking for a new type of material to draw on... something extremely shiny... and then I found a glossy photo paper! This is when I started taking pictures instead of drawing on paper.

What is one of your favorite past exhibitions?
My first exhibition "Minimum structure". This was a show with my dear friend Simon Chantasirivisal, he is a painter and photographer as well. It was my first official show and a very successful show.

Do you collect anything?
I collect my friends' art work and stuff I traded with people in the past. I have a lot of artist friends, and they sometimes draw me random things like on a napkin in a restaurant. It's really exciting to look at them all at once... makes me think how much I love their work as much as I do my own.

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