Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Future of Print

On July 8, 2009 the Art Directors Club and Colophon co-hosted The Future of Print, a presentation and discussion on independent magazines at the ADC's global headquarters in New York City. The featured speakers included Capricious founder and publisher Sophie Morner; Me Magazine founder Cluadia Wu; Jason Crombie, Wooooo! editor and founder; and Print editor-in-chief Emily Gordon. Author, editor and curator Andrew Losowsky moderated the event.
Many issues regarding the future of magazines were discussed. In response to what makes magazines special, the panelists agreed that permanence and tangibility were major factors--ensuring magazines' future means ensuring the reader's need for physical connection (ironically you're reading this on the internet!) Each person felt strongly that their magazine was a personal extension of themselves; that every issue fills a void in the index of independent magazines available. Fostering a relationship with the reader is also important, yet three out of the four panelists seemed to have no idea who reads their magazine--a response that might seem "cool" to say but is in conflict with their goals of expansion and longevity.
The person I found most interesting was the moderator, Andrew Losowsky. Although not discussing his own work in publishing, he seems the most passionate about preserving the independent magazine and maintaining and fostering new viewpoints in print during a time when everything is going digital.
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