Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sweeney Decade at the Guggenheim

The Sweeney Decade: Acquisitions at the 1959 Inaugural is presented in celebration of 50 years for the Guggenheim New York. James John Sweeney ruled the museum from 1952 to 1960. The vision revealed by Sweeney in the 1959 inaugural exhibition, demonstrated the museum’s ability to embrace art that was new and challenging. Sweeney always remained faithful to the museum's commitment to innovation. He had the museum walls painted white, removed canvases from over-sized frames and added sculpture to the collection, that at the time was focused on paintings. Karel Appel, Alberto Burri, Eduardo Chillida, Willem de Kooning, Jean Dubuffet, Jimmy Ernst, Hans Hartung, Jackson Pollock, Pierre Soulages, Antoni Tapies... were among the many acquired by Sweeney during his tenure at the Guggenheim. Check out the exhibition open now until September 2, 2009.

Above, William Baziotes, Dusk 1958

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