Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peter Liversidge and DJ Simpson contribute to COMMA

COMMA is a dynamic new series of monthly commissions at the Bloomberg SPACE in London. Peter Liversidge and DJ Simpson are the current residents whom will be filling the space through July 18th, 2009. COMMA focuses entirely on the commissioning of new work providing opportunities for artists to experiment and expand their practice.

Peter Liversidge has written 86 proposals specifically for the Bloomberg Space. Examples range from handing each visitor an orange to the possibility of opening a blood bank at Bloomberg. His proposals range from simple poetic moments to complex installations. Liversidge works in the conflict between possibility and fantasy... all of Liversidges actual proposals for the Bloomberg SPACE will be on display, featured on the gallery walls.

DJ Simpson, who is known for his large scale paintings, will cover the rear gallery with his Rococo style grey wallpaper, adorned with engraved mirrored pieces.

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