Friday, June 12, 2009

Lunch Hour with Avedon

There's something quite charming about taking your lunch hour to scope out the career of Mr. Avedon. What I thought would be a brief encounter became an extensive study of his fashion photography. This is a reminder to take a break and check out what Richard Avedon has meant for the world of fashion and portraiture.

I had forgotten how animal-friendly Avedon was in many of his high fashion shoots. You get to enjoy a starlet accompanied by man's best friend. Don't forget the camels, chimpanzees and elephants.

Speaking of contrast, bringing Dior and post-war Paris together, is what brought him to the breakthrough of his career. The evidence, stunning.

The color palette of the exhibition space reminded me of the vintage jewelry boxes that once belonged to my great grandmother... there is a strong sense of history and femininity. Saturated pale pink and dusty violet grey. Cream matted photos on cream walls, brings depth and comfort to the viewer.

And finally, the photography of Brigitte Bardot 1959, WOW.

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