Saturday, June 6, 2009

Five Questions We Ask Every Artist: Sabina Forbes II

Sabina Forbes II is currently KiptonART's Featured Artist. She is soon to have a solo at the Forbes Gallery in New York, June 24th through September 5th, 2009. Enjoy Sabina's answers to our questions, and be sure to check out her work featured on the KiptonART website.

Five Questions KiptonART asks every artist...

What is the first thing that comes to mind after an opening for one of your shows?
'Cool Beans!' sentiment of enormous gratitude.

Why did you choose this subject?
I am fascinated by energy, that of life, of movement of thought, and there are so many ways of trying to capture those sensations.

What or who was the biggest influence on your education?
My mother's father, Geradus Beekman. He took up painting later in life, not even knowing how to draw when he began. His abstacts enlivened my childhood and gave me drive.

What is one of your favorite exhibitions?
The Picasso-Braque Exhibit at the MOMA in 1989. I was absolutely amazed and inspired by the evolution of their collective creativity and diversity.

What do you think about awards in general?
[With a smile] I'd never say 'no' to one! While I don't think any artist defines oneself by an award along, to be so fortunate as to receive such an acknowledgement does help one to keep seeking greater depths in one's work.

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