Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Miss Kalup Linzy at Studio Museum of Harlem

Kalup Linzy: If it Don’t Fit is the first museum survey of the artist’s work, and includes over twenty videos made over the last seven years, a drawing suite and a one-night acoustic performance. From his original take on the soap opera and sketch comedy genres to his music videos and shorts, this compilation tracks the artist’s clever and complex approach to questions or race, gender, class, sexuality and national identity. The title, If it Don’t Fit, is appropriated from a song Linzy used in a recent video. With innuendo and double entendre, this blues lyric speaks to both the disappointments and hopes of attempting to belong to aesthetic genres, social categories and intimate relationships. This exhibition will be closing this weekend, June 28th. Left,Photo, Grant Delin

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