Sunday, June 21, 2009

Casting: Names vs. Talent and Going with Your Gut

So I've been doing some casting lately. It's fun. I love talking to actors. For whatever reason, thankfully, I've managed to stick to meeting with only some classy folks. It goes without saying that I'm looking to cast based on two qualities: Who fits the role best and who's the name that will get the most eyes on my film.

This all makes me think back to sophomore year in high school. Have you ever heard somebody say that the biz is like high school? A popularity contest?

Shane Tela was a girl (yes, a girl named Shane, straight out of a Johnny Cash song, right?) who started at my school freshman year. I went to a really snobby Upper East Side school that was bad, but not like it’s portrayed on Gossip Girl. Shaney was a half-Black, half-White downtown import. I don't remember much about Shaney (I call her Shaney, she calls me Seany, it’s really cute, trust me) from freshman year though. That year, the new girls who got all the attention were two who made close friends with popular girls right out of the gate—one presumably because she came from a pedigree of cool people, the other because her Brother was a cool senior that year (both of these girls later redeemed themselves and turned out fantastic). Shaney was pretty but nobody noticed because we were too busy gossiping over who was going to date the other two hot freshman noobs (discussions were moot, as they ended up dating older guys, a guy in a band and a jock, right away), and Shaney never made herself look nice for school. It wasn't until sophomore year that I really made friends with Shane.

Kipton Cronkite Approved!

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